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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
116557457212633592669579165Graeme P SmithAlbion Park2017/20182nd Grade11 1The Rail
212057456212633592669589120Warren CampionAlbion Park2017/20182nd Grade13 1Oak Flats
3114166477812633592692462114*dave rossAlbion Park2017/20184th Grade6 1Kookas
4100166477812633592692442100*dave rossAlbion Park2017/20184th Grade1 1Shellharbour
5855735541263359266958985Riley HerbertAlbion Park2017/20182nd Grade13 1Oak Flats
6835769201263359266955983Neal SchofieldAlbion Park2017/20182nd Grade7 1Kiama
7755745721263359266960575Graeme P SmithAlbion Park2017/20182nd Grade16 1Kiama
8645769201263359266959564Neal SchofieldAlbion Park2017/20182nd Grade14 1Lake Illawarra
9625745721263359266959962Graeme P SmithAlbion Park2017/20182nd Grade15 1Kookas
10615745621263359266953261Warren CampionAlbion Park2017/20182nd Grade1 1Oak Flats
11565769201263359266959956Neal SchofieldAlbion Park2017/20182nd Grade15 1Kookas
125413932611263359269244754Todd MitchellAlbion Park2017/20184th Grade2 1Lake Illawarra
135316647781263359269248253dave rossAlbion Park2017/20184th Grade11 1Oak Flats
14505769151263359269249450James MouleAlbion Park2017/20184th Grade14 1Jamberoo
155013932611263359269247350Todd MitchellAlbion Park2017/20184th Grade8 1Shellharbour
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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