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1st Grade Umpires Cricketer of the Year

1st Grade Umpires Cricketer of the Year voted by the umpires each week. Each umpire has 4 votes being 4,3,2,1.
PlayerClub/OrganisationTotal VotesNum. Matches
votes received in
Watterson, MitchellShellharbour City Cricket Club28.08
Gilly, BrettThe Rail Cricket Club20.07
Tobin, StuartThe Rail Cricket Club19.07
White, KerrodLake Illawarra Cricket Club16.06
Glasson, ShaneLake Illawarra Cricket Club16.05
McAndrew, ScottOak Flats Rats Cricket Club15.05
Smith, RyanLake Illawarra Cricket Club13.04
McDonald, JackShellharbour City Cricket Club13.04
Brown, AlexanderShellharbour City Cricket Club10.03
Chamberlain, BeauShellharbour City Cricket Club9.04
Ulcigrai, MarkLake Illawarra Cricket Club9.04
Geribo, BrentonShellharbour City Cricket Club9.05
Dale, EllisKookas Cricket Club8.03
Morrow, NathanOak Flats Rats Cricket Club8.02
Mitchell, ZaneAlbion Park Cricket Club8.04
Gilly, KieranThe Rail Cricket Club7.03
Twyford, AndrewOak Flats Rats Cricket Club6.03
Taylor, NedShellharbour City Cricket Club6.03
Hore, NathanLake Illawarra Cricket Club6.03
Roach, BlakeLake Illawarra Cricket Club6.03
Gamble, WilliamLake Illawarra Cricket Club6.02
Rae, DylanThe Rail Cricket Club6.02
Hayes, CooperAlbion Park Cricket Club6.02
Sheikh, Muhammad WThe Rail Cricket Club6.02
White, BrendanLake Illawarra Cricket Club5.02
Klaczkiewicz, MatthewShellharbour City Cricket Club5.02
Parker, JamieAlbion Park Cricket Club5.02
Chatterton, Ryan JOak Flats Rats Cricket Club4.02
Goodall, TimThe Rail Cricket Club4.02
Barton, CallumKookas Cricket Club4.02
Maguire, RyanLake Illawarra Cricket Club4.01
Hutchison, DrewAlbion Park Cricket Club4.02
Urszulak, LiamOak Flats Rats Cricket Club4.01
mortenson, dylanThe Rail Cricket Club4.01
Pieters, RuanLake Illawarra Cricket Club4.01
Bennett, JackOak Flats Rats Cricket Club3.02
Hartley, PaulKookas Cricket Club3.01
Bryant, JamesOak Flats Rats Cricket Club3.01
Tungai, TroyKookas Cricket Club3.01
Vucetic, NedKookas Cricket Club3.01
Ross, KobeAlbion Park Cricket Club3.02
Condello, LanceOak Flats Rats Cricket Club3.01
Heffernan, ZacharyThe Rail Cricket Club3.01
Herbert, RileyAlbion Park Cricket Club3.02
Lickiss, JakeOak Flats Rats Cricket Club2.01
Hobbs, JoshuaAlbion Park Cricket Club2.01
Condello, ShawnThe Rail Cricket Club2.01
Whiteman, NathanShellharbour City Cricket Club2.01
Alexander, Ryan JOak Flats Rats Cricket Club1.01
Lickiss, MattOak Flats Rats Cricket Club1.01
Leaudais, ChrisKookas Cricket Club1.01
Peachman, ScottKookas Cricket Club1.01
Jurd, ZacharyKookas Cricket Club1.01
Mason, AaronThe Rail Cricket Club1.01
Burns, MattAlbion Park Cricket Club1.01
Taafe, HaydenShellharbour City Cricket Club1.01
Damoiseaux, MarkThe Rail Cricket Club1.01
Talbott, Kale-TrentLake Illawarra Cricket Club1.01
Monie, JakeKookas Cricket Club1.01
Hotham, CadeShellharbour City Cricket Club1.01