Club History


All information contained in this page comes from APCC President and legend, the late Hilton 'Joss' Pearson.

Origins / First Match

The first match the Albion Park Cricket Club played was in 1884 against Dunmore. In the 1930's, there were teams from Croome, Shellharbour, Tullimbar, Marshall Mount, Oak Flats, and three teams from the Park - the Wanderers, the Shamrocks and of course the APCC. The competition that these teams played in was the Albion Park District Competition, which merged with the Shellharbour Competition to become the South Coast competition we now play under.

Notable Players of the Past

"I remember before I was old enough to play with the men, I used to field if they were short. In the late '30s, I had the honour of watching Noel Martin batting. He was the best cricketer I have seen bat in this area. He loved to hit sixes over the top of where the Rural Youth Hall is today."

"Then there was Brian 'Barney' Raftery, who was called the Boy Wonder by Lester Snodgrass (President of the Association). After he came back from the War, he continued to play cricket. He was indeed a wonder as he always batted without pads. He always said that the bat was there to hit the ball."

"Tom King was our captain from 1944 to 1946. I remember we played Jamberoo in the 45/46 Final at the Showground, which is now known as Des King Oval, named after Tom's brother. We won the final that year, and Tom went to Moss Vale to see about getting blazers for the team. As it turned out, he was the only one to get a blazer."

"Lou Stubbs was the first Vice President of the SCDCA and was a great all-rounder, representing at Country week. He played until he was over 60 years of age, and even then still left his boots in the car in case we were short."

Hilton 'Joss' Pearson

As Joss has contributed the majority of this page, it is fitting to allocate a section to his achievements.

Joss was President of the club for almost 50 years, and curator of the Grey for longer than anyone dares to remember. He was a life member of not only the APCC, but also the SCDCA.

As a player, Joss was a solid left handed opening batsman, and in the aforementioned 45/46 Final against Jamberoo, batted for 2 1/2 hours to stabilize the innings, scoring 50 runs in the process and picking up two tickets to the Snowies from Lester Snodgrass.

Joss himself admitted that one of his greatest moments was the naming of the new amenities building at Keith Grey Oval in his honour, and so the "H. 'Joss' Pearson Pavilion" and Keith Grey continues to be the premier ground with the best facilities in the district.