Albion Park CC 2009/10 Award Winners
1st Grade Name Stats
Player of the Year Troy Burns
Batting Aggregate Jesse Hancock 356 runs
Batting Average Jesse Hancock 356 runs @ 35.6
Bowling Aggregate Troy Burns 22 wkts
Bowling Average Troy Burns 22 wkts @ 16.9
Fielding Award Shane Faricy
Team Player Troy Burns
2nd Grade Name Stats
Player of the Year Neal Schofield
Batting Aggregate Neal Schofield 527 runs
Batting Average Neal Schofield 527 runs @ 52.7
Bowling Aggregate Peter Calder 19 wkts 
Bowling Average Adrian Stokes 16 wkts @18.31
Fielding Award Kyle Stokes
Team Player Neal Schofield
3rd Grade Name Stats
Player of the Year Mick Keevers
Batting Aggregate Glenn Bridge 261 runs
Batting Average Glenn Bridge 261 runs @  26.10 
Bowling Aggregate Mick Keevers 31 wkts
Bowling Average Mick Keevers 31 wkts @ 15.65
Fielding Award Shannon Crilly 
Team Player Matt Burns
4th Grade Name Stats
Player of the Year Mark McMillian
Batting Aggregate Mark McMillian 670 runs
Batting Average Mark McMillian 670 runs @ 60.91
Bowling Aggregate Brad Herbert  18 wkts
Bowling Average Norm Streeter  17 wkts @ 14.06
Fielding Award Norm Streeter
Team Player Mark McMillian
5th Grade Name Stats
Player of the Year John Dawes
Batting Aggregate John Dawes 289 runs
Batting Average Ralph Clarke 276 runs @ 55.2
Bowling Aggregate Ricky Mackaway 18 wkts
John Dawes
Bowling Average Ricky Mackaway 18 wkts @12.39
Fielding Award Andrew Montgomery
Team Player Ken Hiscock
Martin Patino
Major Awards
Award Trophy Recipient
Clubperson Of The Year Tom King Trophy Terry Burns
All Rounder Of The Year Brian Raftery Trophy Neal Schofield 
Most Professional Trainer Mick Farrelly Trophy Kyle Stokes
Rookie Of The Year Geoff and Joy Turner Trophy Shane Faricy 
Best Junior In Grade Dennis Cranston Trophy Alex Bruce 
Junior Cricketer Of The Year Fogwell Trophy Jacob Lambert
Encouragement Award Joss Pearson Trophy Aiden Power